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Run wichita. Run song. Run shop bratislava. Runtastic. Run better run. About, End the tyranny of cable! Take your video enjoyment to the next level. YouTube Today's Best Tech Deals Picked by TechHive's Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect's Editors You might think of YouTube as merely a place for snack-sized videos, but it doesnt have to be that way. If you know where to look, and how to watch, YouTube can be a serious and substantial entertainment resource—that costs nothing. In this article you will learn how to find YouTubes quality longform content, from concerts and stand-up specials to full-length movies and documentaries. Youll also learn how, with the right tools, you can even string shorter YouTube videos—such as comedy skits, educational videos and late-night TV bits—into marathon viewing sessions. Plus, we offer tips on how to enjoy YouTube content in a manner befitting your living room. First, get comfortable  Before we dig in, youll want to install YouTubes TV app on your living-room device of choice if its not there already. Apple TV and Android TV have YouTube pre-installed, as do many smart TVs and Blu-ray players. You can download it from Rokus app store if you own that streamer. (Check YouTubes website for a full list of supported devices. If you have a home-theater PC or a Chromebox —you can access the TV-friendly version of YouTube through your web browser at. Channel subscriptions: The more, the merrier Its easy to overlook YouTube Channels when youre just visiting the website or using its mobile apps, but theyre a vital part of the viewing experience on televisions. To add some, head to the Channel list on YouTubes main site and click “subscribe” on the ones you like. The “More channels like…” box in the top-right corner will make further recommendations based on what you add. Its best to add lots of channels up front, and prune back any ones you dont like later. Once you have a solid list, head to the “My Subscriptions” section of the YouTube TV app, where all of your channels latest videos are mashed together into a continuous stream. You can also view individual channels from the “Subscriptions” section of the main menu. (I personally avoid YouTubes main “What to Watch” section, which often includes too many irrelevant videos from other sources. Wrangle up some full-length films and specials Stringing together short clips isnt the only way to watch YouTube. The site also plays host to plenty of longform videos that are perfect for an evening on the couch. Reddit users have done a fine job of curating full-length movies and  stand-up comedy specials, and youll find other curated lists from  YouTube users  and  other sites. If youre feeling nostalgic, Reddit has a list of old TV shows on the site as well. Browsing these lists on your computer wont make it easier to watch on your TV, Of course, which brings us to the next tip: Get cozy with Watch Later As you browse the YouTube site from your computer, hover your mouse over any video thumbnail. See the little clock icon in the bottom-right corner? Clicking it adds the video to your “Watch Later” queue, which you can reach through the sidebar menu of YouTubes TV app. The same button is also available from the bottom-right corner of any currently-playing video, and through the “+” button of any playing video on YouTubes mobile app. You can use Watch Later for anything, but its best for keeping your own curated list of full-length movies, shows, and specials. Use advanced search for TV-friendly videos Those lists I linked earlier arent the only ways to find longform videos on YouTube. With advanced search terms (via this list at Digital Inspiration) you can narrow your searches to HD videos that are at least 20 minutes in length. Just add the words “long” and “HD” to your searches, separated by commas. For instance, you could search “pearl jam concert, long, hd” if you feel like rocking out, or search “wildlife, long, hd” for some nature documentaries. Keep in mind that this only works on the desktop browser version of YouTube, so youll need to search from your computer first, then add the findings to your trusty Watch Later list. Consider creating a TV-specific account If you already make extensive use of YouTubes Channels, Playlists, and Watch Later section, you might want to create a fresh Google account just for your TV activities. That way, you can focus on pulling together only the videos you want to watch on television, while keeping your other activities and interests separate. You might even find that YouTubes “What to Watch” section works better this way, as it wont factor in all the random videos you come across in a given day. Turn your phone or tablet into a remote  Sometimes, YouTubes TV interface can feel too confining when youre looking for things to watch. Fortunately, many devices let you use a paired phone or tablet as a remote control, so you can find videos on the small screen and queue them up for viewing on the television. If you have a Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Vizio smart TV, you can pair your phone or tablet with hardly any setup. Just open the mobile YouTube app and tap on the Cast icon, which should appear as long your TV device is on the same Wi-Fi network. Other devices can also pair with your phone or tablet through a slightly more complicated process. On the YouTube TV app, scroll down to settings and select “Pair Device. ” Youll be prompted to visit  on your remote device and enter the code on your TV screen. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost. He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV.

Run daughter. Running sushi chodov. Runaway train. MARCH 7TH, 2011 THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION CAME ACROSS AN ABANDONED SHACK IN THE COUNTRYSIDE OF FLORIDA AND HAPPENED UPON SOMETHING STRANGE. A JOURNAL WRITTEN BY ONE JAKE ROGERS, A MYSTERIOUS PERSON DEEMED MISSING AND WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN. AUGUST 3RD, 2012 THIS JOURNAL HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED BY THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION AND HAS BEEN DEEMED CLASSIFIED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO NOT BE SHARED UNTIL A SPECIFIED DATE. ALL INFORMATION IS A JOURNAL BY ONE JAKE ROGERS, A NOW RETIRED DOCTOR, WHOM'S WHEREABOUTS CONTINUE TO GO UNKNOWN DESPITE HEAVY SEARCHING. JANUARY 6TH, 2014 FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO LOCATE AND QUESTION JAKE ROGERS HAVE ENDED IN FAILURE, IT SEEMS HE AND HIS COMPANIONS REFUSE TO SHOW THEMSELVES AND CONTINUE TO MOVE AROUND, EVADING AUTHORITIES AT ALL COSTS. REPORT ADDED TO DATA BANKS. NOVEMBER 11TH, 2015 JOURNAL OF A ONE JAKE ROGERS HAS BEEN DEEMED UNCLASSIFIED, AND CAN NOW BE FOUND IN PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. VIEWERS BE ADVISED, WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS DISTURBING. [JOURNAL ENTRY 1 - VACATION BEGINS, STRANGE DISAPPEARANCES] Long trips had always been fun to us, we worked rather draining jobs so when we decided on our next vacation, we were excited about it. I and my wife had originally planned a trip to one of the more common beaches in the Bahamas or Florida, but we decided on a much more secluded place to be away from the masses. We're both a bit on the antisocial side. Public resorts and beaches tend to give us anxiety. We were content as we got the trip for an exceptionally good deal. We planned to leave sometime during July before it got too hot in August, but some issues with the family cropped up and we had to reschedule by a week. This was annoying but manageable, as we were planning to be gone at least 2 months. At first, we were worried we wouldn't have a view of the water but soon we learned that the place recently got renovated and had a brand new inn made for people seeking the more eye-candy getaways. This was the main reason we chose this place. Because of where I and my wife lived we had to take a flight there, it was cheaper than driving the entire distance as gas prices here easily skyrocket to stupid levels, and is despised by our family with the most white-hot of passions. Before leaving, we left our two kids with their grandparents and told them when we'd be back, saying our goodbyes as our kids had puppy eyes begging us not to leave. Now. I wish we had listened to them, for I fear we will never get to see them or our kin again. The journey to the airport itself was the most stressful part of the trip, as going through customs always ends with people thinking I was a damn suicide bomber or something. I'm sure most people wouldn't know what I mean but, you always have to be scanned for metallic objects and dangerous chemicals before you can even board the plane itself, which can also take forever especially if the airport is crowded. Unfortunately, we were packed so tight, there was barely a foot between us all. A good thirty minutes passed and we were finally allowed to board our plane. For those of you who are unaware, this is a private 3-man plane which consists of me, my wife, and the Pilot. So you can guess it isn't that big. It's just big enough to fit us and our carriage in the storage compartment in the back. A private plane is always a better option, but of course, he only charged 250 for the trip to the airport near our location of interest. While on the way, we decided to chat a little bit to pass the time. The pilot asked us, So, where are you lovely folks off to. To which I responded in kind, We work stressful jobs so we have planned a 2-month trip to a secluded beach. I replied, to which my wife said, Indeed, we got it for a fair price too, didn't we hun. She said with her cute accent, to which I spoke, Indeed we did, I'm very grateful to whom gave us this location. I replied back, as the pilot exclaimed, I hope you two have a lovely time! You'll likely see me again in two months to take you back. He said cheerfully, as I replied, Thanks! We appreciate it. The rest of the trip was silent, with me and my wife on Facebook, talking to our family while on the flight. For some context, my wife was a nurse, and I was a doctor. We both made a very hefty sum of 335, 000 a year combined because of our field of work, which enabled us to live very comfortably with our small family and we never went overboard with houses or vehicles. But, we had state-of-the-art phones that could maintain a long battery charge and a hefty internet connection to boot, they were good. Around 3 hours of flight, the pilot notified us we were close to our landing zone. 30 minutes later we were already down, unpacked, and on our way to a transit bus waiting to pick us up that we scheduled during the payment process. It came the trip since the Inn owned its own small transit section for buses to pick people up. They're small, but they get the job done. Fast and easy, just how we prefer it. From there on it was very simple to pack up our stuff on the bus, and make our way to Sebastian Inlet. While on the way to our destination, the surrounding thick brush and dark green trees provided very pleasant eye-candy. It was very beautiful, and since it was a breezy day the trees, thickets, and brush waved harmoniously in the breeze. Once arriving at the Inn we parked at Sector 24. To explain what that is, the Inn has 25 reserved spots at maximum for long-term reserved vacations as the Inn only sports 25 rooms, a large dining room, and a beautiful mounted deck out back to climb up to. The deck itself sports lounging chairs, umbrellas, the ability to order drinks and small snacks, as well as a plate-load of activities ranging from massages to mini-games, to dartboards. Inside the Inn is where the majority of the fun happens, serving up rare and exotic dishes from all around the world with many talented cooks and waitresses. Our first day was precise as most would expect. We sat down, had a meal or two, and indulged in some of the delicious, exotic deserts they had to offer us. Unfortunately, we weren't able to spend much time in the Inn dining area on the first day as we had spent most of the day traveling, and we were frankly very tired. We decided the next thing we could do before heading back to our room is to play a few mini-games, like beanbag toss for example. I and my wife were up against another couple, and we scored top by beating the opposing couple by a good 23-12. Back home we love playing this game as a pass time so we're both very adept at it. It was 8:30 when everyone decided to turn in, so I and my wife followed suit. A waiter stopped us and told us that our room was Room 24, the same corresponding number as our parking spot outside. I thanked the waiter for letting us know as we were really tired and ready to turn in. I wrapped my arm around my wife and we both walked casually down the aisle, sharing our opinions on the trip thus far. We knew after the first day it was gonna be awesome, but, we'd soon learn that we were very wrong. How could we have been so blind? It was obvious by the low payment on this trip that something would go wrong. No use in bickering over it now. Not two days after arriving at our vacation spot in Sebastian Inlet, Florida, we started to notice some. strange happenings. It was very apparent by the circumstances that were unfolding right before our very eyes. We grew nervous. Unable to focus and even worse still, we felt so isolated. So disconnected from the world we had left behind. Around 5 hours after falling asleep, roughly 2 A. M., we noticed some strange noises coming from way down the hall. It was... Muffled, to say the least. We didn't think much of it of course after all most couples come here to get away but also to have a little fun without their kids around to hear or intervene. It felt like 10 minutes or so, and the sounds finally stopped. Before long we were back asleep, not thinking much of it of course. The next morning we decided to head out for coffee. The morning sun peeled through the blinds in our bedroom window. I rose out of bed, greeting the new day with a fresh smile and decided to let my wife sleep for a bit longer. She deserved it given how hard she works. I left her a note telling her I went to get some coffee for us both. Upon leaving the dorm room I hooked a right turn and made my way back down the aisle we had traveled down the night before. The rooms were numbered from 1 to 25, the last room, 25, is the one to our left. Room 25 was empty as no one had supposedly taken up that spot in the Inn. It didn't cross my mind once more after that. As I made my way down the aisle, I noticed room 1 at the very end was vacant. This wasn't right, I knew there was someone in that room last night. Where could they have gone? I pondered on it and concluded that perhaps they only registered one night and were locals. I continued to the dining room to grab some coffee, it was free with the trip, mind you. After that, I made my way down the aisle again, back to my dorm room. By the time I made it back, she was awake, washing her face with warm water. I could never get over how gorgeous she was even without makeup. Her long, black hair dangling over her shorts and those deep blue eyes. I then had the idea to document the entire trip in a small journal I happened to bring along with us that I was uncertain would have any use, now, of course, I'm glad I decided to bring it with us. I walked over to my wife, handed her the cup of coffee I got for her and sipped on mine, How'd you sleep love. She asked, I slept alright hun, what about you. I replied, to which she responded, That's good. Did you notice anything last night? Any sounds. she said lowly. "Yea. The people in room 1 decided to vacate last night. I responded. She nodded in understanding, and we took it off our minds. The rest of the day we continued as normal, enjoying the delights of the Inn. We were finally allowed to go out on the beach since our schedule was now cleaned up and ready for a long 2 months relaxation of no responsibilities. As adults, being rich enough to enjoy freedom like this now and then is a very good blessing. However, we've always been considerate of others in life, helping when and wherever we could. Not everyone is blessed with being able to go on trips like us, and we try our best to be as humble as possible to those around us. We even live in a basic home. The beach was clean, warm and relaxing. We spent a good 4 or so hours out there doing typical stuff, such as sunbathing, walking up and down the beach with fingers interlocked together, swimming in the low tides, sitting under an umbrella and drinking a beer or two. But after that, we decided to head back inside and spend the rest of the day doing exactly what we did before. Talking to the nice folds around, enjoying a good meal and some mini-games, and dancing the day away in bliss. By the time 10 PM rolled around, I told my wife I was tried, and she was as well. We said goodbye to the others in our group and got up, making our way slowly down the corridor once again to our room. As we passed by room 1 I gave it a curious stare and wondered why they'd leave so soon, a place like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people who can afford it. As we passed I shook my head and continued, holding my wife close to me as we slid slowly down the aisle, eyes very heavy. We were soon dead asleep, and before long we heard everyone else following suit, returning to their respective dorm rooms. All was good until 2 AM yet again, shuffling, people leaving, muffled voices in the distance. What the heck? Again? By now I was starting to get worried. Why would people be coming and going so quickly when the place only takes reservations for longer than a week at the least? The next morning, I pondered it. Once again not saying a word to my wife about it, my worry growing. Could something paranormal be going on here? I've never been an avid believer in ghost stories and horror movies, merely believing them to be nothing more the entertainment. I wrote it off as just people being pricks at first, thinking it would end. It did not. More nights passed, and every night someone was taken. One by one the rooms were emptied, the place quickly becoming vacant. What was worse, was that the staff were growing more and more... mysterious. I couldn't stop my worry. 10 days passed, and every night someone was taken. It never stopped, and by the time night 24 rolled around, we soon learned why people were disappearing. On the 24th night, we were the only ones left in the Inn. My questions combined with my restlessness put worry in my wife's heart. I tried speaking with anyone to find out what was going on. None of the staff replied. It was almost as if I was not even there to them. They remained silent as statues, going on about work as if we never existed. I had tried canceling the trip, but none of the staff would respond to us. See this Inn trip can only be canceled by signing out through the Inn's manager, who was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he was busy elsewhere? But no, this is his job. He's supposed to be here at all times during the weekdays. If we tried to leave without consulting the Manager then the contract we signed to take this trip would be revoked and give them the right to take us to court. I was stupid to believe it would all be fine. That night, we slept like rocks. But soon, I heard rustling down the aisle. Perhaps my wife had got up to go get a drink? I sleepily looked over, my eyes still heavy and crusty from sleeping to see her beside me still, sound asleep. I shrugged, assuming it was the staff team perhaps cleaning the isles and trying to remain positive about things no matter how mysterious the circumstances were. I heard nothing from that point on, but by the time 2 AM rolled around again is where we learned the truth. The door was slammed open quick as a flash, startling me and my wife awake, but we didn't have time to react as 2 black figures had rags with chloroform on them, and pressed them against both our faces. I struggled with all my might to be let go but soon passed out. Their speed was so fast it was inhuman. I woke hours later to find me and my wife were both tied up inside a massive cage. We weren't the only ones in the cage. We saw the others whom we thought left, but we were kidnapped. I looked around, and they were all beyond scared, their eyes wide, some crying and some struggling and screaming, begging to be let go. I had never been so terrified in all my life. I felt like a cornered animal at that very moment, and all I could do was give my wife something to lean on. She was terrified and balling her eyes out. I felt the warmth of her tears trickling down my neck as she buried her face into it. I felt so many emotions. Anger, terror, sadness, concern. Helplessness. [JOURNAL ENTRY 2 - IMPRISONMENT AND TRANSPORTATION] The cage we were in, it was unlike any I had seen before. It looked. Alien in origin, completely different from any known material I had ever seen before. As a Doctor, I know a lot about organic tissue. The cage itself was made out of something alive. Everyone else was unable to notice as they didn't know what to look for, but I saw what looked like pores, and some skin-like wrinkles. The texture was slippery and smooth to the touch, I couldn't fully grasp what it was but it felt like an Octopus. Outside the cage looked like a large, conical room. From what I could tell it looked as if we were inside a cone-shaped object, with rounded off ends. It felt like we were moving, and I heard creaking sounds from the object as if something was pushing against it from the outside. We're we. Out at sea? I may enjoy going to the beach, but as far as being in the ocean I despise the thought of being in a void of water to where I could not see the bottom. Could we have been in a submarine? My mind hoped so. To my horror, the sea-sick feeling rolling around in my gut told me otherwise. I look at the walls of the large cone-shaped object we were inside and I grimaced at the sight I saw. From the minimal light in the structure combined with my squinting, I could make out what looked like veins pumping blood all around in many different directions. The color of the thing appeared to be that of deep green, almost black, like seaweed. My eyes looked up and I nearly threw up at what I saw. Tendrils were swishing around on the ceiling, and they were pinkish in coloration. The scary part, however, was the fact they were covered from tip to tip in barbs, and I saw one as clear as day moving down to a cage in the center of the room. I heard echoing screams of terror as the tendril reached into a cage and slammed tight around a person, the voice sounded like a woman, and another a man. I saw blood shoot out from the puncture marks of the barbs and I looked away, throwing up violently. As soon as I recomposed myself I dared to look back, trying to control the intense feeling of horror and helplessness in me, but I couldn't. The tendrils squeezed the woman like an anaconda. I heard bones cracking under the immense force as the tendril then rapidly retreated into the darkness above us. A massive mouth opened up at the top revealing huge teeth, and a nearly endless pit upwards as the tendril threw the corpse of the woman up and proceeded to eat it. I started losing it. I banged on the cage with all my might, screaming, begging to be released from this hell but it was useless. I recoiled and broke down into tears. I could feel my wife trying to comfort me, near losing it herself as I remembered grasping her and hugging her tight. I felt her tears hit my skin once again, it felt awful, we didn't deserve this but it was happening. I looked up, trying to find out more about the place and I saw far more cages then I did originally. My eyes stressing hard against the dark. There must've been at least 100 cages in this large, living organism, each one housing around 50 people each. It was now evident to me that there was 1000's of people trapped in this creature but woe unto us, it was only just starting. More and more people in the center of the room were being eaten, presumably to keep the transport creature sustained while the rest of us were being moved somewhere. I had no idea where we were anymore. I tried looking at my phone but got no signal. We were far away from civilization and I couldn't control my body or my tears. So many people were trying to break the cages to no avail, some were even trying to scale them. It was a horrific sight to behold, and the only solace I and my wife had was that our family was safe at least. I looked up once again and noticed a dim shade of yellow in several places. They looked like glowing sacks of pulsating goo and organs that illuminated most of the top of the structure. I remember looking to my wife at that moment, knowing we would likely not be long for this world. As her eyes met mine I couldn't help but grasp her hands, trying to assure her that we would be okay, that all of this was just some horrible prank and nothing bad was happening. It was hopeless, the reality of our situation soon set in stone and I could feel everyone around us come to acceptance with their fate as over time the screaming stop. People had begun to lose the will to struggle against it. Tendrils picked the ones in the central part of the room off one by one until only a hand full were left. I held my wife, at least somewhat happy she was beside me. Even if we did die there we'd be in each other's arms like many couples in the past, holding hands till death do them part. I could still hear the whimpering and crying from wives here and there, or even the banging on the cages by a few male inmates. Soon, however, something shifted. And everyone felt it. The creature stopped abruptly. But why? We soon realized why. Doors began to open with an organic gurgling sound, 4 of them at different sections of the room. I saw what looked like humanoids, but unlike anything, I ever saw before. Their bodies were made up of a combination of chitin and tendrils, their eyes elevated up on stalks and as alien looked as one could imagine. Their hands looked like lobster claws and their feet were nothing more then tendril-like appendages they used to slide along the floor. Their mouths were circular with jagged, serrated teeth. It looked as if they simply tossed food in and their teeth grinding it up before swallowing. A twisted sight indeed. I heard more gurgling noises like a door to our cage opened. I felt a very painful stinging sensation in my back as I cried out in pain, turning around to see one of the creatures demanding us to get up in a language I didn't understand. We were soon rounded up like cattle and forced to walk in an orderly line out of the cage. The creatures appeared armed with tendrils used to whip disobeying slaves into submission to do as they told, and at certain times both me and my wife felt them. It felt like pins and needles tearing at my flesh as blood trickled down the wounds. We exited the conical-shaped living prison and my eyes widened. We were indeed in the ocean, and it was so dark outside I couldn't see a thing. We were in a tube made of what looked like a form of glass and once again a living, breathing entity. It looked like one of those walkways underwater you'd see in popular aquariums. I heard what sounded like a slow beating heartbeat down the aisle as we were escorted by the alien-looking monsters. The isles themselves appeared to stand 15 feet tall with yellow, glowing orbs of light like before, all connecting to one central, massive dome at the center. From where I stood it looked upwards of 25 miles wide from all 4 corners, like an alien dome housing a city made of flesh. It was all dark green with disgusting, wriggling creatures on them that I'd only describe in a horror film if I happened to be a director. But this was far from a film, it was real. Outside the domes I saw massive glowing orbs being held in place by massive, moving tendrils that illuminated the entire sea in the region. I heard a low growling from the living structures as they towered like Kaijus around us. As we reached the end of the tunnel we saw the massive living city up close, with 10, 000's or 100, 000's of them. Creatures as far as the eye could see. I didn't have enough time to take it in as I felt my wife being pulled away from me, I looked overhearing her screaming my name and crying as a creature tried to break us up, it's strength winning over mine as I screamed out and cried back, 2 other creatures coming to restrain me as I tried to stop them from taking her. More creatures separated the other women from the men as they took her to a room I could not see into. Us men were moved elsewhere. We were lead, most of us in tears and unable to fight back, down into what looked like a cavern. The creatures forced a form of pick-ax into our hands and forced us to start digging new areas down into the ground for what must've been breeding grounds for these things. We worked for what felt like hours before being allowed to leave to take a break, given a tiny dorm room to recuperate in. In the distance I heard women screaming, and what sounded like clapping noises. My heart sank deep. [JOURNAL ENTRY 3 - TRAGEDY] I knew I had to escape somehow. But how would I? And how could I possibly get out of here with my wife without being noticed? I didn't even know entirely where my wife was. I had a rough idea of where she would be, but that's barely anything to go on. While on break I looked around my cell. For some reason, they gave me everything needed to relax, but other then that, it was beyond depressing. The fact I was imprisoned miles beneath the waves in a place I never knew existed was haunting. I started remembering things my dad taught me. He's dead now of course, but I am certainly glad I learned strategic things and combat abilities from him. As for my mom, she was also in the military, as a computer hacker and communications officer. Between the two of them, I learned a lot. I was able to secretly fashion a lock pick out of things in the room and during the nights I would use what I made to sneak out and look around. The creatures slept like normal humans, and most slept in strange pods. The pods themselves were organic just like everything else, and very few things were made of metal or other alloys. My guess is certain organic tissue is very durable against the stress of the ocean. As far as technology goes they seemed to be just as advanced, if not more so, then us humans. On the first night, I simply walked around cautiously. The few guards that were stationed were pretty much unable to see well in the dark, so I could use that to my advantage. They took a liking to dark environments. Not only that, they didn't have eyes. They had sensory organs I could evade rather simply. While looking around I wasn't able to find much of interest, so I ended up heading back to my room and pretending I did not escape. I didn't see any cameras or security recordings so that wasn't an issue. I guess they wouldn't expect someone to be able to escape their confinements so easily. The next day, we were sent back to work and by the time I got back, my muscles ached. But I couldn't stop. I needed to find a way to escape and possibly get as many out with me as I could. But above all else, I had to find my wife. The next night I cautiously broke out of my cell again and explored some more. I was able to learn a lot about the anatomy of the buildings by observing them with my clinical teachings. As a doctor, you're supposed to know these things. The buildings may have been organic, but they still functioned like modern tech, showing a technological and biological connection. This would cause several breakthroughs for humanity as a whole, but I wouldn't be able to backward-engineer such accomplishments in such a short period, nor did I even have the means to bring them back with me. On the same night, I learned that the creatures have smaller submarines lined up in aisle that you crawl into. I was able to figure out how they worked, and over a week I told everyone near me how to operate them. They all gave me their best wishes on discovering more. On the 8th day, my muscles felt like jelly, and about to collapse. But I was driven by a deep desire for freedom, and the will to escape. However, I learned something that still haunts my memories to this day. Upon leaving my cell on the 8th night, cautiously sneaking around and evading guards I stumbled upon a room. It looked like a storage depo. Jackpot! I quietly broke into the room, and what I saw confused me. I saw a staircase leading down, so I followed it. This didn't make sense. With every additional step down I questioned why a storage depo would have stairs only that go down and not have any sort of weapons, food, or supplies. When I reached the bottom I saw a doorway that was entitled, Hybrid Room 1" I paused briefly, questioning what that meant. As I entered the room I almost vomited from the smell. It wasn't gross smelling, but it was very strong and salty in odor. The room itself had another door with a see-through window and the smell was coming out of that door. Upon walking over my heart dropped into my stomach. I saw several women, propped up with their lower halves in a spread eagle. None of them had any clothes on from the looks of it. I quietly entered and I saw they had been using our wives as reproductive pigs. I felt my heartbreaking as I felt bad for them. Their cries in agony were awful, and it echoed into my eardrums endlessly. Every single one of them had over-sized stomachs, blood everywhere, and some green substance on them. The green substance I didn't dare touch. I knew what it was. As I moved further down I saw a number above the section which made my stomach curl. "24" It bloody said 24. I rushed over and to my horror, I saw... my wife. I broke down into tears heavily right there and I felt my instinctive self rush over to lift her into my arms. She was barely awake, and all I could do was whimper her name, A-Adela! Please, wake up. I saw her eyes slowly open, and she hugged me tight crying as soon as she saw me. "Oh, Jake. It hurts so much. They used us as. She whimpered out painfully, to which I shushed her, S-Save your energy, my love, I'll get you out of here I swear to it. She smiled appreciatively, but then frowned, Hun. I-It's. Too late for me. Go, save yourself. Get as many of the others out as you can. But I and the other women won't survive. I stutter screamed out, N-NO! I won't leave you here! I can't. What would the kids think if I just left you here. My wife was unable to utter another word, she, as well as several other women, started to scream. I stepped back in pure horror as I watch her stomach shrink slowly. And out of her popped several creatures. Each of them carrying loads of blood out with them and as the last disgusting creature left her, she collapsed back onto the bed. The last shreds of life faded from her blue marbles for eyes as they turned grey. In a rage, I killed every single one of the creatures they put inside her. I left not a one alive, and my hands were soaked in green blood mixed with my wife's. I ran over to her and shook her, trying to wake her up. She was dead. Several tears streamed down my face as I cleaned off one of my hands, and closed her eyes with 2 fingers. I kissed her deeply one last time while her lips were still warm, and held her one last time too. "I swear to you. They will pay for this. In some way, I will make them pay. Be at peace, loving wife. And an amazing mother. I struggled to let her go, but I knew I had to. I forcibly pulled myself away and cleaned up the mess I made as to make things seem like they didn't survive the birth process. I then returned the doors to their places before I entered and quietly made my way back to my cell. Upon returning I collapsed in the bed, balling my eyes out. I opened my eyes, and I swear I saw the spirit of my wife staring back, smiling at me reassuringly that I'd be okay. Then as quickly as she appeared, she faded. I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. I felt a loneliness I had never known before in my life up until this point. It felt like a spear had been impaled into my heart leaving a massive, gaping hole. That whole night, I did not sleep. My eyes stayed wide and staring directly at the ceiling hoping what I had witnessed was no more than a horrible dream. But try as I might, there is no way what I had seen was just imagination. The only solace I had in me, was that I would make them pay. JOURNAL ENTRY 4 - THE ESCAPE - FINALE] My wife was dead, nothing would change that. All I could do was swear to her I would make it out, and find some way to destroy them in the process. I already had a good head start as I learned of several major infrastructures around the living city, so my goals were clear: Inform the other inmates, tell them the plan, use the next tonight to stage a breakout, and run. There were certainly plenty of biological and technological mini-subs to do the job right. Just enough for all 12 of us. The next night came quickly. Once I explained the plan to them, I quietly broke all of their cage locks and told them to get ready. I would stage the breakout and make it a clear B-Line to the escape area. After that, I crouched down and made my way slowly through the curving tunnels and passageways. The whole trip took at least 20 minutes to reach my goal: The Reactor Core. Because of my tinkering, I learned that without it the city would have no power, and without power, it would be nearly pitch black but with just enough light. It could also be rigged to trigger an unstoppable 5-minute count down to a self-destruct, which would send the city crashing down into the depths of the ocean, well below its crush depth and taking the foul creatures with it. As I made my way to the reactor core, I quickly overloaded every pump in the place, which would cause the water pumps to slowly overheat and overload, adding water to the inside in just under 15 minutes. After that, I flipped the main switches off and tore them out. This set off a blaring, alien-like alarm that rang through the city. A countdown started and I instantly bolted back for the exit. Because I could run without fears of being heard I was quickly able to make my way back, but just by the skin of my teeth. By the time I made it back, several small explosions were bringing down buildings all inside the city. They shrieked in agony further solidifying my suspicions of them being living entities rather than just buildings. As soon as I made it back we split into groups. I and 3 others hopped into one mini sub organism, while the other 8 hopped into 2 different ones. The controls were simple, no more complex than the average boat as we threw the throttle into high gear, aiming for the surface as we shot up. Behind us, another massive explosion took place which sank the city instantly. We heard an ear-piercing shriek as a massive tendril swung right in front of the mini-sub, I adverted us away in the nick of time but unfortunately, the 2 other mini-subs were destroyed. The tendril was huge, so massive I couldn't see the entire thing. The city wasn't at all a collection of several entities, it was one massive one. I was just glad we were getting away. Still, we paused for a moment to give prayers to the ones who had died, including our wives. After that, we got out of there. It had been almost 10 days since any of us saw the light of day, and finally, we saw it again. The beautiful, blue sky above us, and no longer in permanent darkness. I set a course for Florida. I made sure to take us far away from that accursed Inn where it all started, and as we finally ran aground on an uncharted beach, we all hopped out and took in the fresh, salty air. A sigh of relief came from us all, but every one of us was deeply depressed. We knew in our hearts we couldn't return to our families lest they think us insane. We decided to build a small shack deep in the woods to live somewhat normal lives. We all worked together to make a life for ourselves. It was indeed hard, but we pulled through. Whereas our story could've ended and I wouldn't be sitting here at this desk writing this in the hopes someone would find it, it didn't. And I was allowed to live to warn everyone of the threats we face from the deep. This is a warning, to anyone who would seek out a new kind of adventure, I advise steering clear of low-price Inns near the beach. They are not who they claim to be. Stay safe, and do not trust the ocean. To whoever finds this. I urge you to inform the public of these happenings. The last thing I want is for others to suffer the same fate I and my friends did. I know you'll try to find us, but it won't work out in your favor. We don't wish to be found. Just please, heed our warning. End this nightmare once and for all. I shall leave the coordinates for the location of roughly where we were. The navigation computer on the still-functioning mini-sub should prove useful. DECEMBER 16TH, 2016 FURTHER INVESTIGATION SHOWS A LARGE CRATER OFF THE COAST OF FLORIDA ROUGHLY 10 MILES ACROSS. CORRESPONDS HEAVILY TO THE WRITINGS OF JAKE ROGERS IN HIS JOURNAL ENTAILING HIS STORY. FURTHER INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED, REGION CONSIDERED A MAJOR HAZARD ZONE. ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL ARE TO SET UP A PERMANENT PERIMETER AROUND THE DESCRIBED LOCATION UNTIL DEEMED OTHERWISE. TERMINATION OF INVESTIGATION COMPLETE. PROCEED WITH TASK 2.

Run 3 unblocked games. Runadppayrolllogin. Love ah sollamudiyama thavikkira andha shakthi expressions awesome. Run lola run. Check out my first case here: I watched Jeremey run his french fry into the small puddle of ketchup on his plate and knew that he'd been affected by the dead boy as much as I had. Jeremy still talked a lot, seemingly about whatever popped into his head. He talked about his childhood most of all. He told me about all the times his grandmother had visited him. Apparently this was the 'ghost' that was most prevalent in his life. If you were to ask my opinion it was just a kid's way of grieving. Death is hard to understand for lots of people. You'll never ever see that person again and you want nothing more than to see them walk into your home and give you a big hug and tell you that it was all some kind of fucked up joke, but kids are especially prone to making stuff up in the face of the unknown. Still, I listened to him and nodded along to all of the weird stuff that apparently happened to him when he was younger. The entity that was next in his story-time docket was a man that would follow him around and pester him, just out of the corner of his eyes. I thought that was exceptionally weird. After all, this was not the average modus operandi of haunts. He ate half of his fries and pushed them away. We were sitting in a small overnight diner in Gallatin, Tennessee. The neon light blinking OPEN sat next to the window at our booth and every few milliseconds it illuminated Jeremy's moon-face in a glazed blue. It really accentuated the fact that he had bags under his eyes and that he'd not shaved over the past couple of days. We'd been lying in a Super 8 Motel when he asked me if I was hungry. Looking at the alarm clock next to my bed I saw it was 2:15am. Knowing I wouldn't be getting much sleep, what with that young boy's face ever present in my mind, I gave Jeremy the affirmative. After he pushed his plate of half finished fires to the side I understood he'd not really been hungry either. Jeremy was normally fervent in his ghost stories. He was so excited to let me in on this strange side of his otherwise normal and boring life that he would get carried away and obviously exaggerate and speak with his hands, but when he spoke about the man that pestered him just out of the corners of his eyes he was quiet, intense. He told me that his grandmother was the one that always kept the man at bay, but sometimes, at night he would hear the man whispering to him, telling Jeremy that he was going to take him away some day. "Have you seen him since. I asked. Jeremy shook his head. "But sometimes I wonder when he will be back, ya'know. Who's to say he will be back. I don't know. I watched the neon sign paint Jeremy's face a few more times, sipping on my decaf. Jeremy may be a little too into this paranormal stuff. I like it and it's interesting, but his life seems to be steeped in it. Everywhere he turns, oh look a ghost. It's a bit much. Still, something about that man he talks about does send chills up my spine even if I know it's ridiculous. "You ever seen anything like that. I asked him. "You mean that dead kid. I nodded. "Once before. Something dawned on me. "You said some investigators go missing. You said you knew some of them. Yeah. he said. "Well you've been doing this for a while now, right. Yeah, two years. So you've worked with others. That's right. Have you ever seen anything actually paranormal while working on a case. A few times, yeah. Most of the time it is just a hoax. Some kids- some kids playing a prank. But sometimes you see wild stuff. I've seen a statue that cries blood. I've seen a snake with six heads. I've also seen. he pressed his hands together in a pyramid position over the table, a living, breathing woman without any skin. Jeremy sighed. "Believe it or not, I've done my research on you. I know you think guys like me are just crazy. I've read a few of your articles. I started to protest but he put his hand up. "No, no it's alright, really. I get it. Some people haven't seen enough. I'll give you some advice though. Most of the investigators that I've seen go off grid did so because they were a lot like you. They wanted something tangible. They wanted proof. When they found it, it was too much for them. Just keep that in mind. We paid our bill and left the diner. I rubbed my hands together as we stepped into the cool January air and walked over to the passenger side of the truck. It took a few minutes before I stopped seeing my own breath inside of the cab of the truck. He drove us back to the motel and I could tell that he got about as much sleep as I did: none. The file for our next case came down a little sooner than either one of us expected and we printed the papers off, looking over them. Some of them were photos of riverbanks but most of them were documents with info dumps. Apparently this was a genuine haunt. This wasn't so much of an isolated incident, but rather something of a local bit of folklore coming out of Virginia Beach. I'd not expected a place known for drunken teenagers and lower back henna tattoos to be a hot bed for spirits, but I guess there's lots of things I don't know about the paranormal. It wasn't in the city of Virginia Beach, but rather just outside of the bustling city. There was a small community a little further inland known as Cooked Peak that you won't find on any map where people hunt and make deer jerky and know how to fish on the freshwater rivers that run out to the coast. People dress in camo and can their food in mason jars and everyone owns a truck or two. As we traveled deeper into the pine forests of the country I felt claustrophobic and it only served to remind me of Mary's property which gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. We drove as the evening turned into night once again and somewhere off in the hills I heard what sounded like the shrill screaming of a woman. When I turned to Jeremy, I knew he'd heard it too. "Mountain lions, right. I said. He nodded "Sure. and kept his eyes on the road. All names besides mine and the equipment guy's have been altered. I will be posting my findings here. Thank you. Case Two Here comes a bit of old school Irish folklore in the form of a weeping woman. I'd heard the fairy tales involving the banshee a few times, but never knew where it came from. I'm sure that many of you too have heard the phrase "screaming like a banshee" or some variation of it. I did my research before we left the motel room up in Tennessee and learned quite a bit about the spirit or fairy (depending on who you ask. The screaming Irish woman is known to make an appearance as the harbinger death. Terrifying stuff, right? Well as far as I'm aware, she's never been known to hurt anyone. The Banshee is nothing more than an alarm. She is scary in the same way that death is scary. It's coming. She's only there to accentuate it. Jeremy took a small gravel route up the side of a mountain and we passed the sign that marked the small community of Crooked Peak. The trees passed by and we heard the mountain lion a few more times. Of course my mind wandered and started painting pictures of the weary woman screaming at our arrival. It wasn't some large cat out there in the darkness that could rip our faces off, but some bit of ridiculous folklore. Sure, that makes sense. I was arrogant. The actual community of Crooked Peak was more reminiscent of an Americanized and modernized version of an impoverished European village. In another way of putting it, this was a trailer park. We pulled off of the road and into the pines a little ways after failing to find a lodge. Jeremy slept in the cab and I crawled into the bed of the truck with a small space heater. I stared at the roof of the camper top and drifted off to sleep better than I had in any of the rooms we'd stayed in up until this point. We found the address in our [REDACTED] file and pulled into the meager driveway of a single wide trailer with rusting side panels and blankets hung in the windows instead of curtains. The trailer sat directly in front of a freshwater creek that opened up into a river further down the mountain and I heard the rushing water as we stepped out of the truck. The early morning air was wet and cold and I had to keep kicking the mud off my sneakers as we moved onto the front deck of the abode. I knocked on the screen door as Jeremy readied the camera behind me and I noticed that someone was moving from inside of the trailer, peeking out from behind one of those hanging blankets. Then the door opened and I was faced with a great big mustachioed man in his forties with a trucker cap. He carried a Styrofoam cup and motioned me into the home. The man introduced himself and I recognized his name from the file. Mark Campbell. We followed him inside and sat at his kitchen; he took the chair opposite me in a very relaxed and sprawled demeanor. The room's walls were once white but now stained yellow and even brown in some places, but overall it was surprisingly tidy and warm and inviting. He told me his wife was out with his son and we began the interview. Not really knowing how to begin I broke my façade of professionalism and just outright asked, So, a banshee. The words felt weird in my mouth and I was glad to have gotten them out. Mark laughed and spit a dark brownish liquid into his Styrofoam cup. "I know how it sounds. he spoke with a deep southern drawl, But yeah. Lots of the kids in the neighborhood started sayin' they saw a lady down by the river. Some of em' said she was singin' but most of em' said she was cryin. Scared the hell out of a lot of us at first. I mean, we were worried that maybe some lady had been attacked by a wild animal or had fallen and gotten hurt. Lots of us spread out and searched the woods on both sides of the river and we found nothin. So none of the adults out here have seen her. Well, that's not true. That was just the uh' first instance of it. A few weeks passed and we all just thought the kids were makin' stuff up. Then we started hearing screams out in those woods. Scared the ever loving hell outta' me the first time I heard it. Sounded like it was coming from right outside of my bathroom window. Thank god I was already on the toilet. He laughed a little at this. "Thought it was one of the guys fuckin' with me at first, but I asked about it and no one ever came forward. So you've heard it. Yeah' I heard her alright. Have you seen it. He stared down at the table for a minute, Well yeah. Me and my buddy John went out on the river two weeks ago. Said we were gonna' do some fishin. Really it's just a way for us to get away for a while and have a few beers, ya'know. We were talking about somethin' or another when we heard it. Made my skin crawl. Felt like my skeleton wanted to jump outta' my goddamn skin. I- I don't really know how to explain it. You know that feeling you get? Like someone walking over your grave? Does that make sense. I nodded even though I had no idea what he was talking about. "Well yeah. She screamed and so me and John shoot up out of our seats in his little boat and start looking over the sides of the river. At first we didn't see nothin. Then I spotted her on the right side, over near the tree line. She was wearin' a dirty night gown or somethin' like that. Her face was covered in stringy gray hair. Well I start freaking out, trying to bring the boat over to the side of the river, tellin' John we've gotta' help her. But John wasn't having any of that. He grabbed me by the back of the shirt. Now I don't guess you've met him yet- John ain't a big fella, but in that moment he surprised me. He shoved me down and started screaming at me, tellin' me not to fucking help her. He was pissed off. I wanted to fight back, but when I saw the look in his eyes, it felt like if I tried to help the woman, he'd kill me. I knew that. So I just stayed still and we passed her. Pretty soon we went around a bend in the river and she disappeared. he trailed off, Caught a few fish that day though. So it wasn't a complete loss, right. Is there any way I could speak to John. Sure, he should be home. We moved out onto his deck so that Mark could smoke; he pulled a pack of Winstons from his pocket. I asked for one and he lit it. I'm not a smoker, but I wanted something to do with my hands. He tossed his dip tobacco out over the deck's railing and lit his own cigarette. I coughed on the first few puffs but grew accustomed to it quicker than I thought I would. We looked out onto the river and then I heard something very weird. It was something plucked right out of a horror film. When I turned to look back at Jeremy with his camera, I noticed a little girl skipping down the gravel road just beyond our truck. The little girl was singing and me and Jeremy both moved into the driveway to get a better glimpse of the girl. She was skipping around a wide circular motion and wearing a faded blue dress. She sung: Here comes the banshee Soon you'll see When the bell rings Soon she'll bring Your last breath" I hate to admit it but my arms sprung up with gooseflesh. I turned to Jeremy to make sure that he'd been recording that. He nodded. I smoked little more than half of the Winston that Mark had given me and stoked it out. We returned to Mark's kitchen and he put on a pot of coffee for us. I was extremely thankful to be holding that warm mug as I continued to ask questions. "Will everyone in Crooked Peak corroborate your story. John will, that's for damn sure. But I'm sure if you ask around you'll find that most everyone has a story about that lady. Is that right. I hadn't meant for the question to come out so smug, but Mark noticed. "You don't believe me. asked Mark. I swear that I heard Jeremy snicker a little from behind his camera. "I'm only being thorough. I lied. Mark grinned and packed more dip tobacco into the side of his mouth. "You will before you're done here. I grinned back and doubted it. Mark was nice enough to start making us some breakfast. Jeremy powered down his camera and we chewed away together at sausage patties and eggs. After dismissing Mark when he asked if we wanted anymore food, we sat back and reveled in a nice home cooked meal, no matter how simple it was. I'd been eating gas station burritos and McDonald's for a while now; Jeremy had been doing this for even longer than me and for the first time I empathized and understood his chubby body. After small talk, Jeremy decided it was time to get back to business, setting the camera on the table and flicking it on; I reupped on my coffee. "Can you remember at what point on the river you saw it. Probably. But I don't really wanna' go in those woods any time soon. Did you get a good look at its face. Not really. Like I said, her face was covered by her hair. Has anyone tried talking to it. Not that I know of. Feeling as though we'd gotten all that we could from Mark, we left and looked over the file in the truck. The second address was that of John Williams. The man that had gone fishing with Mark. We found the number of his trailer and knocked on the door. A small man with blond hair and a dirty tank top invited us in. My immediate reaction was of disgust. The air was thick and smelled like medicine. It wasn't overtly gross and the trailer was just as neat as Mark's, though it was very lived-in. Then I heard beeping. John motioned us to follow him into the back bedroom and I realized where the smell was coming from. There was an ancient, unconscious man lying on the bed there. He was bare chested and sweaty. The unconscious man's beard was wiry and the hair on his head, though long, was very thin. This man was dying, I knew that. John informed us that this was his great grandfather. The poor old man was dying. Even John knew that. He just didn't have the heart to pull the plug, so to speak. Several machines sat next to the bed and booped and beeped every so often. The machines' tubes ran into the old man's throat and wires clung to his chest that rose and fell in soft but arduous motions. John asked us to turn off the camera. Jeremy complied. After John changed the bed's blankets and pillows we moved into the living room and Jeremy powered the camera back on. "You were out fishing wish Mark Campbell about two weeks ago. I asked. John nodded, staring directly into the camera with something bordering on suspicion. "Mark says you might have seen a banshee. saying the word aloud still felt weird. "Yeah. I saw her. That damn fool wanted to pull us up on the riverbank next to her. He said that you grew violent when he tried to help her. I did. admitted John, his shoulders slumping and his eyes going to the floor. "I didn't want to be that way, but I didn't want to take any chances. He seemed to glance at the door where his great grandfather rested. "She brings death, ya'know. I nodded. "Banshees are known for that, yes. She scares you, doesn't she. Yeah. Is it possible that it was just a woman that needed help. No. No way. His left knees started bobbing, agitated. "Why didn't you try talking to- He cut me off. "Ya'know what. You guys need to go. Just get out, alright? I'm sorry to be rude and all, but you two need to go please. I looked to Jeremy and he shrugged. We left the trailer and I stood, leaning next to the truck while Jeremy put away his equipment. "What now. I asked. "You're not going to like it. Said Jeremy. "What do you mean. I asked. "We're going camping. It occurred to me that he was much more accustomed to this paranormal-hunting gig than I was, but Jeremy was right. I didn't like that. We had a tent tucked away in our equipment, but that didn't mean I wanted to use it. We parked at Mark's house, asked him if we could leave our vehicle there overnight and he told us it would be fine then we wrangled the tent and our backpacks and started our trek, walking alongside the creek. It wasn't long before the stream widened and changed into a loud rushing river. Jeremy walked ahead and I continuously looked over the file, scanning the landscape for the same area in the photos, but I couldn't be sure. "What was that all about. I asked Jeremy, attempting to take my mind off of the cold air. "You mean John. Sure. He was acting a little funny. Yeah. Believe it or not there are lots of superstitious people that don't take kindly to ghost hunters. He said this all in a mock southern accent. "Seriously though, some people think we should just leave well enough alone. They'd rather not stir up any trouble with beings from beyond. You believe in stuff like this, right. Yeah. But I also don't mind stirring things up a bit. He laughed. We traveled alongside the river until the sky grew overcast and dark. We went into the pine forest, maybe twenty or thirty yards from the river and found a nice flat area to set up camp. I will tell you something, as someone that is not the outdoorsy type, it is fucking difficult to get a fire going with wet twigs. When night came, we sat around the roaring fire and I shifted in my cross legged position, looking at my traveling companion. "Want to tell a spooky story. He smiled at me, but stayed quiet. "Do you think about your grandmother a lot. I asked while staring back into the fire. "I do. She was a nice woman. I'm sorry. It's fine. We didn't swap any scary stories over the campfire that night. I think Jeremy was on edge, because he didn't talk much at all. I kept my ears perked up, listening for anything off in the distant woods that could be the voice of a screaming spirit. When our yawns became too much to ignore we crawled into the spacious tent. Believe or not, the constant noise of the river and crickets was relatively calming and it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. Something violently woke me and at first I didn't realize it was a scream; it sounded like it was coming from inside my own head. I shot out of my sleeping bag, crouching on my knees in the dark tent. I turned to make sure Jeremy was there. He still lay wrapped in his sleeping bag. The scream died abruptly. Terrified and confused, I reached over and began shaking him, unzipping his sleeping bag and trying to pull it off. I shook and shook and he rolled over from his side onto his back and I saw that his eyes were open, but they weren't looking at me. They were looking somewhere far off into oblivion. This scared the hell out of me and I jumped away from him at first, letting him roll back onto his side. I thought he was dead, but after working up the courage to touch his still form again, I felt his body going through the motions of breathing. My attention shot back to whatever had made that noise. I stayed completely still, not even breathing. My eyes adjusted in the dark and I saw a shapeless form through the tent's flap. My stomach lurched into my throat and I stared at it. Another screeching howl and I flinched. I was positive in that moment I was going to die. Whatever was out there was going to come through that tent flap and suck the life right out of my body. I finally understood what Mark was talking about when he described the feeling of having someone walk over your grave. I heard something that sounded like a whimper that grew into a howling sob and it shook the whole world around me. Then the air in the tent grew cold and my teeth chattered and I realized I was weeping. Tears were streaming down my face and I wiped them away. I felt overwhelmingly sad all of the sudden. It was the most miserable I've ever been. It felt like a was falling. Despair would be the right word for broad strokes purposes, but I don't know that there is any word I could ever attribute to the amount of sadness I felt. After brushing away my tears, I looked back at the spot I'd seen the shadow. It was gone. The natural sounds of the forest took over once again. I didn't sleep the rest of the night. When Jeremy finally awoke, the sun had just started to creep over the landscape. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to be mad at him. But instead I started telling him about what had happened while he slept and it all came out as gibberish. Then I stopped and asked him why he'd been sleeping with his eyes open. This seemed to bother him because his round face grew grim and strained. He muttered something about sometimes doing that when he slept. We started packing the tent and gathering our supplies, putting them away into our packs. We did this quickly, efficiently, silently. Then something caught the corner of my eye. Something was shining in the pile of burnt wood where we'd constructed our campfire. I hunkered down in front of the dead pile of wood and reached in to pick up the shiny thing. It was a silver bell about the size of my palm. I shook it in my hand, listening to it ring. I tucked this way into my backpack after showing it to Jeremy. He didn't seem that interested in it, but this may be the first bit of physical, substantial evidence I've ever seen. It didn't take us long to make our way back to the truck. Our steps were hasty and neither one of us seemed to want to be in that forest longer than we had to. Tired and sweaty, we started quickly putting our stuff away into the back of the truck. Just as we were about to slam it shut and hightail it, the screen door of Mark's trailer swung open vigorously. Before I knew it, John was coming at me, stiff legged. He pulled back his fist and landed it squarely against my left eye. My vision was blurry. I was on the ground. When I looked up I saw Jeremy standing between me and John. Mark had rushed out of the trailer and was attempting to pull John away, holding back both of his arms. Mark was yelling at us, Ya'll need to get outta' here. Jeremy helped me to my feet and shoved me into the passenger seat of the cab and rounded the engine to jump into the driver side. John was kicking and spitting at him as Jeremy rushed past. We peeled out of the driveway and I doctored my bleeding face with napkins from the glove compartment. We found out later that John's great grandfather had passed away. John found him that morning and had rushed over, looking for us. I understand why he was angry, but something sticks out in my mind: Here comes the banshee Soon you'll see When the bell rings Soon she'll bring Your last breath" That song the little girl was singing. I rang the bell that morning and I wonder if I killed the old man when I shook it in my hand. I can't think like that though. While driving, Jeremy asked me something strange. "Do you know your hair is graying. I flipped down the sun visor to look at myself in the mirror there. My left eye was swelling shut. The hair near my ears are silver now. After we passed the sign telling us that we were leaving Crooked Peak, I breathed a little easier. I don't know what was outside our tent that night. I didn't get a good look at it. I'm still a little shaken, if I'm being honest. We sent the bell into [REDACTED] as evidence yesterday. This job might literally be the death of me.

Run for fun. Run run. Run the streets. Runczech. Run music. This MV makes me say that i never want BTS to be seperated they are the 7 bros,dorks,crackheads who love each other no matter what happens. Run errands. Run to you. Run java. Alice Merton: Aku tahu, aku tahu, terima kasih Rea aku merasa jauh lebih baik sekarang. Aku pikir tidak ada kata-kata untuk menggambarkanmu Claudia. Aku merasa terhubung dengan claudia. Ketika saya masih muda saya jug pindah ke Jerman ke kota yang sama yaitu Muenchen dan kami berdua sama sama suka menyanyi. Setiap kali ketika Anda bernyanyi, terjadi sesuatu kepada dengan saya.

Running status enquiry. Run boy run. Hero loocking sema. Run to you bryan adams. Today's the day that the films we have to watch for the DeathRace are confirmed! The Megathread has been un-stickied for today only, because at 05:18 (PT) 13:18 GMT/UST) the 2020 Academy Awards Nominations will be announced. The live stream can be viewed on YouTube. This post will be updated with the nominees as they happen. Best Picture Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite Actress in a Leading Role Cynthia Erivo, Harriet Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story Saorise Ronan, Little Women Charlize Theron, Bombshell Renee Zellweger, Judy Actor in a Leading Role Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver, Marriage Story Joaquin Phoenix, Joker Jonathan Pryce, The Two Popes Actress in a Supporting Role Kathy Bates, Richard Jewell Laura Dern, Marriage Story Scarlett Johannsson, Jojo Rabbit Florence Pugh, Little Women Margot Robbie, Bombshell Actor in a Supporting Role Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes Al Pacino, The Irishman Joe Pesci, The Irishman Brad Pitt, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Directing Martin Scorsese, The Irishman Todd Phillips, Joker Sam Mendes, 1917 Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Bong Joon Ho, Parasite Adapted Screenplay The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women The Two Popes Original Screenplay Knives Out Marriage Story 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite International Feature Film Corpus Christi Honeyland Les Misérables Pain and Glory Parasite Original Song "I Cant Let You Throw Yourself Away" from Toy Story 4 " Im Gonna) Love Me Again" from Rocketman "Im Standing With You" from Breakthrough "Into the Unknown" from Frozen II "Stand Up" from Harriet Original Score Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Animated Feature Film How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World I Lost My Body Klaus Missing Link Toy Story 4 Documentary Feature American Factory The Cave The Edge of Democracy For Sama Honeyland Cinematography The Irishman Joker The Lighthouse 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Costume Design The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Makeup and Hairstyling Bombshell Joker Judy Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 1917 Production Design The Irishman Jojo Rabbit 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite Visual Effects Avengers: Endgame The Irishman The Lion King 1917 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Film Editing Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Parasite Sound Editing Ford v Ferrari Joker 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Sound Mixing Ad Astra Ford v Ferrari Joker 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Documentary Short Subject In the Absence Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If Youre a Girl) Life Overtakes Me St. Louis Superman Walk Run Cha-Cha Live Action Short Film Brotherhood Nefta Football Club The Neighbors Window Saria A Sister Animated Short Film Dcera (Daughter) Hair Love Kitbull Memorable Sister.

Dei director. pls stop love scenes. sakti must not fall in love with divya. For a change, not like other tamil dramas, just like english drama not love involve. concentrate on the main plot. Run for the zoo 2019 albuquerque. Runaway june. Runtime error. Hi guys, I own a video production business and I've been working on a list of resources for the filmmaker / video production freelancer. I created a similar list about 4 years ago. This is the new and improved, updated list. I finally did it! These are links to resources that have helped me with different aspects of my business - everything from technical filmmaking information, right through to things that help me physically run my business, fund projects, find staff, etc. If you have any more links/resources to add to the list, please mention them in the comments! I hope you get as much out of these resources as I have! FILMMAKING EDUCATION RESOURCES Philip Bloom: “Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 7 years of his 25-year career has specialised in creating incredible film-like images with low-budget video. His most iconic work is created with Canon DSLRs. His site now regularly has over 1, 000, 000 visitors a month. ” Vincent Laforet: “Im a filmmaker, photographer, producer, teacher, advisor, innovator and very, very proud father of two. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to witness extraordinary news events, the evolution of story-telling technologies and work alongside many people who have inspired me. ” Video Business Guides: Whether youre just starting out in video production, or if you already have a video production company, these guides will help put you on the path to running a successful and profitable video production business. Ultimate Filmmaking & Video Production Training: Huge online filmmaking training that will take you through all stages – beginner to intermediate to advanced. Also includes videos on video production, music videos, corporate videos, etc. F-Stop Academy: “Den has worked in the industry for over 20 years and in every major TV genre conceivable, including Music, Documentary, Travel, Sport, Factual & Entertainment. His site features filmmaking education of all kinds. ” No Film School: “No Film School is the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required. ” creativeLIVE: “CreativeLive empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the worlds greatest experts directly to you, live. Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, etc. ” The Black and Blue: “Tips and tricks for camera assistants and filmmakers who want to know what really happens on set” YOUTUBE TUTORIAL CHANNELS Film Riot: “Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way youve never seen. ” Indy Mogul YouTube Channel: “Fun, cheap, filmmaking. Indy Mogul is the webby-award winning filmmaking network, circa 2007. Home of “Backyard FX, ” “Reel Good Show” and more. ” Every Frame a Painting: “I like movies. I dont take requests. Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of film form. Pictures and sound all the way, baby. ” FILM FUNDING Think Outside the Box Office: “Considered one of the best film funding resources out there. ” Sherri Candler: Marketing and Publishing: “Sheri Candler is an inbound marketing strategist who helps independent filmmakers build identities for themselves and their films. ” Without a Box: “Submit to film festivals and get noticed. ” Film Freeway: “Enter the world's best film festivals and screenplay contests. FilmFreeway makes it easy to discover, submit and get tickets to thousands of events. ” FILM / VIDEO JOBS Mandy: We have a detailed directory of 100, 000+ production companies, film makers, production crews and equipment. Creative Cow Career: List of available jobs and also the ability to post your resume and go job hunting. Film & TV Pro: The #1 networking and jobs resource for film and TV professionals. ProductionHUB: ProductionHUB connects you with professional content creators. Find & hire local film and production crews for video, digital media & live events. Shooting People: A vibrant community of independent filmmakers. We connect and collaborate to get films made and seen. GEAR & EQUIPMENT B&H Photo Video: B&H Photo Video is an American photo and video equipment retailer founded in 1973, based in Manhattan, New York City and online. Adorama: Shop the best photography equipment, digital cameras, lenses, pro audio & video, professional gear & musical instruments from top brands - Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc" Rentorlend: Rent or Lend Cameras, Lenses & more. From local, trusted members. STOCK VIDEO Pond5: “Search the world's largest video collection plus millions of music tracks, sound effects, motion graphics and images. Over 20000 new videos added daily. ” VideoHive: “At VideoHive you can buy and sell royalty-free footage and motion graphics as well as After Effects Project files starting at just a few dollars. ” AudioJungle: “At AudioJungle you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects that are completely Podsafe for just a few dollars, which includes a Buyer Fee. The site is home to a bustling community of audio composers and producers. ” VideoBlocks: “With a Storyblocks Video subscription, you can download unlimited stock HD & 4K video. Browse our extensive library of clips and sign up to start downloading. ” STOCK AUDIO Premium Beat. Unlimited perpetual license, so for between 40 - 60 you can get music and use it in as many projects as you want. AudioJungle: “At AudioJungle you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects that are completely Podsafe for just a few dollars, which includes a Buyer Fee. ” PHOTOS, IMAGES & GRAPHICS iStockPhoto: “Royalty free stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock footage and audio for print and use on websites and presentations. ” GraphicRiver: “At GraphicRiver you can buy and sell royalty-free, layered Photoshop files, vectors, icon packs, Adobe add-ons and design templates for just a few dollars. ” Unsplash: “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution stock photos. Download 10 new free stock photos every 10 days. ” Pixabay: Finding free images of high quality is a tedious task - due to copyright issues, attribution requirements, or simply the lack of quality. This inspired us to create Pixabay - a repository for stunning public domain pictures. Alamy. Awesome site for stock photos. Creative Commons Search. Awesome way to search for music, videos and images that are creative commons. CINEMATOGRAPHY TOOLS CameraSim: Online DSLR camera sim that allows you to test focal length, lighting, etc. RED Cinephotography Tools: Use this tool to preview how a given focal length will appear depending on resolution setting and sensor type. VIDEO EDITING PLUGINS, ETC Red Giant: Red Giant delivers Production-proven special effects tools for digital video & film professionals. Plug-ins built for Adobe After Effects, Premiere & more. Pixel Film Studios: Pixel Film Studios presents Final Cut Pro X Plugins, Effects, Transitions, Themes and Motion 5 Special Effects. Specifically designed for FCPX. Motion VFX "FCPX Plugins, Motion Templates, Final Cut Pro X Plugins, Motion 5 Templates, mFlare, mObject, etc. FCP Effects "Our FCPX plugins & effects are incredibly powerful & easy-to-use. Download today & see why so many editors choose. PRESENT CLIENT WORK Vimeo Business: Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD and 4K with no ads. Mediazilla: Present professional videos with online interactive menus created in minutes. Easily export projects to DVD, Blu-ray and USB/offline formats. ”" BUSINESS DOCUMENTS / CONTRACTS / LEGAL Docstoc: “Docstoc provides the best quality and largest library of documents, videos and resources to start and grow small businesses. ” Yumpu: Yumpu offers a digital platform for publishing your magazines, brochures or catalogs. Communicate your message and grab the attention of new readers. DocuSign "Why settle for less? Get the security, mobility, reliability, and ease-of-use you need to digitally transform your business with DocuSign eSignature solutions. VIDEO HOSTING PLATFORMS Vimeo: Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD and 4K with no ads. Wistia: Wistia's brand affinity marketing software turns passive viewers into loyal customers. Join 500K other businesses using Wistia to grow their brands with video. YouTube "Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. GRAPHIC DESIGN – ONLINE Canva: Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations, etc. Pixlr X: Discover free and premium online photo editor! Effects, filters, overlays, simple to expert tools. You'll find a Pixlr image editor just for you. Pixelmator Pro "Professional image editing tools that anyone can use. VIDEO EDITING TRAINING Larry Jordan: Larry Jordan is an Apple-Certified Trainer in Digital Media, specializing in DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Motion. Ripple Training: Professionally produced, highly focused online video training that will teach and inspire. Ripple Training plugins help you animate, add effects, and accomplish. LEARN SOUND DESIGN / POST ENGINEERING JWSound Group: “Best in the biz in there. Yeah, theyre cranky, but they know their stuff. ” Gearslutz Post Production Forum: “Many top shelf post pros still talk about stuff in there. ” Designing Sound: “The de-facto front page of the sound design community. ” WRITING & NOTE TAKING Evernote: “From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion. ” Scrivener: “Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. ” DISCUSS / COLLAB WITH YOUR TEAM Skype: “Skype (stylized as skype) is an application that provides video chat and voice call services. Users may exchange such digital documents as images, text, video, etc. ” Slack: “Slack brings all your communication together in one place. Its real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams... ” FILMMAKER / CREATIVES NETWORKING Stage 32: “Stage 32 is the worlds largest social network and educational hub for film, television & theater creatives. ” Meetup: “Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests. ” SCREEN WRITING Final Draft: “Final Draft is a screenwriting software for writing and formatting a screenplay to meet the screenplay submission standards set by theater, television and film industries. ” Celtx: “Combines full-feature scriptwriting with pre-production support and also enables online collaboration. ” TIME MANAGEMENT Pomodoro Technique: “The Pomodoro Technique teaches you to work with time, instead of struggling against it. ” My Life Organized: “Create new tasks and checklists easily. An elegant To-Do list view will help you to focus on the most important items and act and simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to rearrange tasks within a plain list or organise them into a tree. ” Remember The Milk: “Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time. We created Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. Over 5 million awesome people now use our apps to stay organised! ” ClockSpot: “Clockspots online time clock makes timesheets and payroll painless. No more paper, messy spreadsheets, or manual calculations. ” TIME TRACKING RescueTime: “With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, its easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. ” Toggl: “Toggls time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. Time keeping with Toggl is so simple that youll actually use it. Toggl drives a stake in the heart of timesheets. ” Harvest: “Whether its from the web, your smartphone or another application, its never been so easy to track time. With a simple, intuitive interface, getting you and your team on board is fast and easy. ” ONLINE ADVERTIZING Yell: “We are in the business of helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be found by consumers. ” Google Adwords: “Be seen by customers at the very moment that theyre searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call. ” OUTSOURCING WORK Upwork: “Upwork is where businesses go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay leading freelancers from more than 180 countries. ” Fiverr: “Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of 5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer a variety of different services to customers worldwide. ” Freelancer: “Post any project you need done and receive bids from our talented freelancers within minutes. Compare their proposals and price, then select the best freelancer to complete your project. Easy! ” SETTING UP AN LLC LegalZoom: “Our founding vision was for an easy-to-use, online service that helped people create their own legal documents. ” INVOICING Freshbooks: “FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses that send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise. ” Wave: More than a million small business owners have trusted Wave to track 60+ billion in income and spending, for free. SYNCHRONIZING / SHARING FILES Dropbox: “The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder. 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